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We provide syndication of some of the information on this site. We provide RSS and iCalendar feeds.

RSS feeds provide updates about content that can be downloaded by software such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, NewsFire, Lotus Notes, Firefox, and Safari.

iCalendar feeds provide updates in a calendar format that can be downloaded by software such as Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Lotus Notes.

List of Feeds

  • Holidays / Days Off
  • New courses
  • Popular courses
  • All courses
    • Academic Clubs
      • Solana Pacific Science Olympiad
      • Solana Ranch Science Olympiad
    • After School Enrichment
      • Carmel Creek
      • Skyline
      • Solana Highlands
      • Solana Pacific
      • Solana Ranch
      • Solana Santa Fe
      • Solana Vista
    • Band
    • Band
      • Advanced Band
      • Beginning Band
    • Cdc Summer Camp Extras
      • Cdc Field Trips
      • Cdc Pizza Lunch
      • Cdc Swim Trip
      • Cdc T Shirt
    • Esy Extended School Year, Special Ed
    • Lli Reading Intervention
    • Summer Enrichment
      • Solana Highlands Summer Enrichment
      • Solana Vista Summer Enrichment