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Solana Highlands -Super Structures

After School Enrichment / Solana Highlands -
2023-24 Enrichment

Does your builder enjoy designing beautiful buildings or functional spaces for their mini-figures? If so, this program is the perfect space for your young architect to sharpen their design and building skills! All buildings, from the Empire State Building to the house next door, started as an idea in an architect’s head. Students will learn how to take an idea from their head and turn it into a building in the real world. They will be guided through the building process, from creating a floor plan to disaster-proofing the structure, so that they will be able to create the next best thing in LEGO® architecture!

SHSuperStructures-WINTER Closed

  Neil Van Der Byl

Solana Highlands
Mondays, Dec 4 - Feb 12
2:50 - 3:50 PM

  No Class Dec 25, Jan 1 & Jan 15


Grades   K - 2nd

Price: $ 168 00

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